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HOW I can help you!

Hi, my name is Shaneen.

Through 20 years working with thousands of people from corporations to individuals, I leverage knowledge, personal experience and practical application to provide leadership & strategy coaching and consulting  expertise to help you realise your aspirations, ambitions and dreams, whilst balancing out all impacting factors that impede you from reaching the goal.

Too often we are influenced by our families, teachers and peers who instill unconscious beliefs in us that prevent us from achieving our ultimate goals.

Get ready to set new expectations, dive deeply into what drives you, your values, your personality, your roles and responsibilities.

Raise the bar on your commitment to thrive, lead and strategise in this ever changing world.

I will challenge your thinking, push your boundaries and take you out of your comfort zone. I use customised techniques and modalities to dig deep, discover root cause of problems, and formulate the plan that will achieve your dream.

As a result of our work together you will unlock your mind, set new aspirations, take control and consciously set your direction to meet your new goals.

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